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Jai Elhance is a cricket enthusiast working to promote Cricket and make it a mainstream sport in the US. Already having commentated for a few years, his voice has become recognizable to players and fans alike, especially in the DMV area. 

Jai's Cricket journey began in 2015, when he watched his first cricket game. By the 2017 Champions Trophy, he started understanding the game and developed a strong liking for the sport. A little while later, Jai joined a local team and had his first exposure to Cricket in the US. 

Jai started sharing his analysis online in early 2019. His first video previewed the 2019 World Cup. This World Cup also happened to be the first time he watched a cricket game at the stadium. It was India taking on Afghanistan in a nail bitting thriller which went down to the wire. 

In 2020, Jai started his own radio show in the DMV area in order to grow Cricket. With over 10,000 listeners, it was a huge success and still runs every 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month. A few months later, he also started his own podcast, with the same goal in mind. 

With Minor League Cricket hosting its inaugural season in 2021, Jai began to commentate. This was an amazing experience for him, and something which he has a lot of fun doing. Over time, Jai gained more and more experience as he began commentating in games across the east coast. Known to many players, Jai has become a recognizable voice in the DMV area. 

Analyst | Commentator | Podcaster | Radio Show Host

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