About Me

Keep Calm and Talk Cricket

    Analyst | Commentator | Podcaster | Radio Show Host

​I am a 15 year old cricket enthusiast, working to promote Cricket and make it a mainstream sport in the US. To promote the sport, I have a podcast as well as a radio show, on which I talk about ongoing cricket games, share my analysis, as well as interview players and others involved in Cricket. I also post previews, reviews, and my analysis of the games on my YouTube channel. I have also been doing commentary at state and national level cricket games, including Minor League Cricket Tournament.


It all started in 2015 when I watched my first cricket game. By the 2017 Champions Trophy, I understood a lot about the game and had developed a strong liking for the sport. Soon after, I joined a local team and began to play as well.

I started commentating and sharing my analysis in early 2019. My first video was a run up to the 2019 World Cup where I talked about the winners of previous World Cups from the mid 1970s to 2015. In that video, I also talked about my analysis and predictions for the then upcoming 2019 World Cup.


The 2019 World Cup also happens to be the time when I got to watch my first cricket game at the stadium. It was the India vs Afghanistan game at Old Trafford which went down to the wire. India eventually came out on top in the low scoring thriller. I really enjoyed watching that game and have many fond memories of it.